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The Network Engineers Officers will be responsible for Analysing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing of network infrastructure and application components. They will also provide direction, information, and recommendations regarding network configurations and installations.

  1. Providing day-to-day administration of Infrastructure and security components such as network switches, firewalls, WAN connectivity, VPN and Anti-Virus;
  2. Performing troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated systems;
  • Maintaining and adding new user accounts to the network;
  1. Participating in configuring networks in the public service to ensure their smooth and reliable operation for fulfilling organizational objectives and processes;
  2. Ensuring network connectivity of all servers, workstations, telephony equipment, fax machines and other network appliances;
  3. Managing the usage of the network systems and their resources on a regular basis to identify bottlenecks and co-ordinate with Network & Systems Engineers to carry out appropriate tuning;
  • Conducting administration of network servers by troubleshooting hardware and software issues;
  • Administering and upgrading  network systems;
  1. Participating in configuring networks in the public service to ensure their smooth and reliable operation for fulfilling organizational objectives and processes;
  2. Liaising with the contractor, customers to perform on-site analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex network problems for a variety of end users, and recommend and implement corrective solutions;
  3. Participating in installing of new hardware, systems and software for networks;
  • Installing, configuring, maintaining network services, equipment and devices;
  • Documenting network administration issues and resolutions for future reference;
  • Configure and maintaining the organization's internal computer network;
  1. Managing network security tools, e.g., firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems;
  • Identifying troubleshoot, solve and document network connectivity and performance issues;
  • Installing and support hard-line telephones and other networked telecommunication devices;
  • Monitoring network performance and optimize the network for optimal speed and availability;
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining network hardware, for example, Cisco routers and switches;
  1. Deploying, configuring and upgrading network software, such as, enterprise antivirus or diagnostics programs;
  • Implementing and maintaining emergency backup and restore systems for mission-critical network servers;
  • Providing support, and maintenance of servers and other networked devices; and Participating in the development and review of the network standard.
Job Specification

For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:-


  1. Bachelors degree in any of the following:- Computer Science, Information Technology, Network Administration, Software Engineering or related field from a recognized institution;


  1. Professional Diploma/Certificate in any of the following areas:-
  1. CompTIA A+ Certification.
  2. CompTIA Network+ Certification.
  3. CompTIA Security+ Certification.
  4. Cisco CCNA Certification.
  5. Cisco CCNP Certification.
  6. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).
  7. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Competencies and Skills
  1. Good interpersonal skills
  2. Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment
  1. Strong customer service orientation
  2. Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
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