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Job Title
Recruitment and Training Officer
Job Description

Job Title:

Recruitment and Training Officer

Reports To:

Head, capacity Development, ICTA


Capacity Development and Literacy

Terms of service:






Responsible for: Coordination of recruitment issues, coordination of training, learning and development issues, retention and employment coordination.


Key Tasks

1.     Coordinate recruitment process, conduct verification of candidate credentials and perform reference check, prepare employment offer and contractual documents for selected candidates.

2.     Coordinate the effective orientation, induction, placement of trainees and maintain accurate monthly record of the interns.

3.     Conduct ongoing outreach for the programme to academic and other tertiary training institutions.

4.     Deployment of qualified applicants to various institutions, ensure retention of the interns.

5.     Handle employee relations issues for the interns.

6.     Coordinate clearance of trainee upon successful completion of the program or where there is a need for short term assignments

7.     Work with supervisors and mentors both in government and private sector to monitor trainee learning and performance

8.     Work closely with web developer to develop and curate courses for both technical and soft skills to enable online, self and onsite trainings

9.     Liaise with key stakeholders and facilitators to coordinate Programme training needs as well as the selection and appointment of internal and external facilitators in line with budget and curriculum.

10. Ensure all trainees acquire training and certification in areas of specialization and soft skills required for entrepreneurship or formal employment

11. Timely processing of interns’ stipend and follow up with all statutory deductions

12. Work closely with the potential employers to provide competitive employment opportunities to the interns and track employment placement or self employment before graduation

13. Conduct employment forums, events, conference and workshops

14. Facilitate the review and improvement in the program training and  employment process

15. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Qualifications , Experience and Knowledge

1.     Bachelor Degree in Social Studies, Business Administration, economics, Human Resources or a related field;

2.     Minimum two (2) years of experience in a similar capacity in either the private or the public sector.

3.     In-depth understanding of Human Resource Management, Labour laws, and training;

4.     Registered with relevant professional body;

5.     Good understanding of the ICT sector, the key players and training programmes and associated professional certifications

6.     Extensive experience in talent sourcing and management

7.     Knowledge of eLearning and content development

8.     Knowledge of and working experience with Microsoft Office suite, specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint and management of a database systems.


Personal skills and attributes required


1.     Ability to evaluate information and situations

2.     Project management skills and ability to effectively prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment, multitask and meet deadlines.

3.     Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

4.     Team player, establish and maintain good working relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and interact with partners and senior management



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Capacity Development - Feb 2021