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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities : Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail:-

  1. Taking minutes; using e-office to research and process data;
  2. Operating office equipment;
  3. Attending to visitors and client;
  4. Handling customer inquiries,complaints and handling telephone calls and; Coordinating schedules of meetings and appointments;
  5. Coordinating travel arrangements;
  6. Ensuring security of office records, equipment and documents, including classified materials;
  7. Ensuring security, integrity and confidentiality of data; 
  8. Establishing and monitoring procedures for record keeping of correspondence and file movements; 
  9. Maintaining an up to date filing system in the office;
  10. Preparing responses to routine correspondence and managing office protocol and etiquette. 


Job Specification

For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:-

  1. Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines:- Secretarial Studies; Bachelor of Business Management/Economics or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;


    Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences plus a Higher Diploma/Diploma in Secretarial Studies from a recognized institution;
  2. Have a minimum three (3) years’ work experience in public service or in the private sector;
  3. Certificate in computer application skills; and demonstrated professional competence in management of office administrative services.


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