ICT Authority Recruitment Portal


  1. Click Register to start applying, once registration is completed , you will be prompted to login, Login to apply.
  2. First choose from the drop down the job title that you wish to apply for and complete your profile as guided by the fields.
  3. Click next and fill all the subsequent fields
  4. Ensure you enter a valid email address as it will be used to send important information
  5. Ensure you have copies of relevant documents in .pdf,  click on attach, select the document and  click save. to add more documents repeat the procedure.
  6. Once done, it is important that you review all your inputs before submitting because you will not be able to edit once you submit.
  7. If you don’t get any confirmation notification that gives you your application reference, consider your application not having gone through. An email will also be sent to your mail box when your application has successful gone through
  8. Kindly clear your browser cache memory before accessing recruitment portal, attachment size should not exceed 8MB

 Please ensure you have read through the Detailed Job Description before proceeding. The details Job Descritions are availabe on http://www.icta.go.ke/jobs    
You can also Download a copy Here

Deadline for application is 2nd June 2017

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